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Insulin Resistance

Trying to lose weight and convinced that something is just not right?  You have spoken to healthcare providers about your concerns and they have tested your thyroid with results that are normal. You have been told, “Nothing is wrong.”  You just need to eat less and exercise more.”  Of course, you have already tried that route and are now banging your head against the wall wondering what is the problem? 

Have you considered the diagnosis of insulin resistance?  Most people hear the word “insulin” and their mind immediately goes to “diabetes.”  That is NOT what insulin resistance is suggesting.  You may have insulin resistance and have entirely normal blood sugars!  Insulin resistance is a condition where you are producing more insulin than needed to control the sugar in your blood.  

Insulin is one of the most powerful growth hormones your body makes.  It is for this reason that if you make too much you may experience abnormal growth…in your waistline!  Without controlling your insulin levels, weight loss will be challenging regardless of executing the advice of exercising more and eating less.

Insulin resistance can be diagnosed through bloodwork, but these are typically not ordered in routine labs.  Several blood tests can evaluate insulin function such as fasting insulin levels, HOMA IR scores, insulin resistance scores, and parts of a lipid panel.  Ask your practitioner at your next physical for an examination of your insulin function and review if it is the culprit of abnormal weight gain.

Once you have been diagnosed with insulin resistance, there are various methods of treatment.  Your body will respond better to a lower carbohydrate diet as insulin will not be stimulated as frequently.  There are also medications that can help your insulin function more efficiently, which can be discussed with your practitioner.     


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