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Weight loss is not easy

The roller coaster of weight loss is so painful and frustrating. Your diet and your weight goes down and then you stop dieting and the weight goes back up. Thinking the only way to lose weight and maintain it is to forever be on a diet. NOT TRUE!!

If losing weight was as simple as, “Eat less and exercise more” don’t you think there would be a lot fewer people suffering from weight issues. Seriously, little kids are as active as they ever were and yet childhood obesity continues to rise at an alarming weight. Is activity really the answer? NO

How about the mantra, “eat less”? If you stop and think about this advice I would invite you to think about Thanksgiving. It is typical for people to skip breakfast and lunch in PREPARATION for the biggest meal of the day. People purposely eat less so they can be allowed to eat more. Whoa!! If this is true then we need to reconsider whether the advice to “eat less” is sound advice when it comes to weight loss.

There is so much information and misinformation out there about dieting it is impossible to know where to begin. However, a great place to start is to open up your mind to the possibility that what you heard about weight loss, “Eat less and exercise more.” is oversimplifying the process. What’s worse it can lead people into believing they are lazy and have no willpower which could NOT be further from the truth.

To really understand what it takes to lose weight look at a bigger picture…Are you being as healthy as you can be? What is your sleep like? How is the level of stress you have? What is your stomach health like? Do you take medications? Have any medical problems? Any hormonal changes of which you are aware? Do you have the right tools to be successful? And more and more should be entertained when considering successful and SUSTAINABLE weight loss.

Time to stop the blame and shame of being overweight as it is so much more complex than eat less and exercise more.


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