Diabetes can be managed through nutritional changes and often does not require the use of medications.

Our strategy to manage diabetes is different from the conventional methods.  The majority of diabetics are given very little nutritional education.  Diabetics will continue to eat what they want and the medications they are on continue to increase.  The idea that type 2 diabetes is a “chronic progressive worsening disease” is NOT true.  Many of our type 2 diabetics will be able to discontinue their insulin completely.  We have seen complete resolution of abnormal blood sugar testing and patients stop their oral or injectable medications with nutritional changes we implement while collaborating with your primary care doctor or endocrinologist to ensure your safety and continuity of care.

You may not have diabetes yet, but perhaps you have been told you have “pre-diabetes”.  Many under the care of a healthcare provider are “watching their sugars”.  This is not good enough!  If you are watching your sugar you need to be doing more …. learn what foods you should be eating to PREVENT diabetes from ever occurring.  Pre-diabetes is diagnosed if your fasting Blood sugar is greater than 100 or if your A1C is 5.7 of higher.  Being a pre-diabetic (or diabetic) also dramatically increases the likelihood that you will have or already have weight issues.

The answer to these serious health conditions should be managed by a healthcare team and that team should include providers specializing in nutritional medicine like Pounds Transformation.