For Health Care Providers

Thank you for considering Pounds Transformation for your patients. We welcome your referrals and take great care of each and every patient that comes to us for help.

We are an independently-operated, non-surgical bariatric medical practice owned and operated by physicians and healthcare providers. Our Medical Professionals are board-certified in bariatric medicine to diagnose, treat, and counsel obese and overweight patients. All our dietitians are RD-CDN Registered Dietitians and most have advanced degrees.

More than one-third (36.5%) of US adults suffer with obesity

Pounds Transformation was founded to fill the unmet need for medically-based nutritional treatment of obesity and weight related issues. More than one-third (36.5%) of US adults suffer with obesity according to the CDC, with certain ethnic groups reaching as high as 48%! The good news is that while rampant, obesity and its co-morbidities such as heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, certain cancers are often preventable and reversible.

We approach obesity as the disease it was declared to be by the AMA in 2013. Our primary diagnostic challenge is to determine the underlying reason a patient is storing fat rather than utilizing the energy from fat. Each patient is individually evaluated with a physical exam including history, lifestyle and nutritional preference, comprehensive laboratory tests, body composition analysis, behavioral evaluation, technical diagnostic tests, and other analytical tests.

We have developed an extensive scientifically-based treatment algorithm which considers several aspects of obesity including: neuro-behavioral, environmental, endocrine, genetic, immune status and medical condition. We also incorporate patient lifestyles, motivations, goals, and preferences into our treatment plan.

Our patients are counseled and educated throughout their journey to embrace a permanent healthier lifestyle which involves a carefully selected balance of nutritious whole foods, nutritional supplements when appropriate, suitable levels of physical activity, attention to emotional and psychological issues, and continued maintenance until the healthy behaviors have become their default lifestyle. In the process, the patients achieve a healthy weight and reduce risk of co-morbidities.

Pound Transformation treats patients with kindness, care, empathy, and respect. Many of our staff understands first-hand what it is like to struggle with excessive weight and the associated issues. When patients visit our office, they can expect a warm, inviting environment typical of a day spa rather than that of a medical office.

As a referring provider, you will receive progress reports regarding your patient’s condition as well as copies of laboratory test results. We will also contact you when other referrals are necessary should you wish to direct the patient to your preferred provider. If we wish to modify a patient’s medication, we will contact you first to discuss it.

We have achieved outstanding results with thousands of patients who are now enjoying a healthier life with less weight and often other benefits as a result such as reduced or no insulin, less joint pain and pressure, and significantly less risk of co-morbid conditions impacting their lives.


You may refer patients without advanced notice. However, feel free to call anytime to discuss our practice or how we might help your patients: