Introduction to Pounds Transformation

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming healthy! We have helped thousands of patients and we can help you too.

You may have tried standard diet programs, calorie counting, and simple advice to eat less and exercise more — all with limited or temporary success. Many patients who come to us are discouraged, frustrated, declining in health, and have never enjoyed permanent nutritional and weight loss success.

Pounds Transformation is a medical practice specializing in non-surgical weight-related issues and obesity. Our Medical Professionals are board-certified in bariatric medicine to diagnose, treat, and counsel obese and overweight patients. All our dietitians are RD-CDN Registered Dietitians and 70% have advanced degrees.

We are different because we specialize in diagnosing the underlying cause of your unhealthy weight. Our goal is to medically treat, educate and guide you to your highest state of health permanently. This includes reducing or eliminating weight-related conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, joint problems, digestive issues, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Our unique treatment approach incorporates a strong foundation in the latest scientific research and expert opinion involving the many facets of obesity including: neuro-behavioral state, environmental influences, endocrine function, genetic makeup, immune system state and medical condition. We also incorporate your individual lifestyle, motivations, goals, preferences, and diagnostic testing into you customized plan. Since each person’s genetic makeup is different, our treatment is focused on your individual makeup. We do not use one “program” for every patient.

Following the “Pounds Way” becomes very satisfying once you get the hang of it. It’s not a diet but a lifestyle, so every day you take on your new journey brings you closer to a new, healthier you. You will eat delicious real food that you can’t imagine will put you on a track to health – but we know it will.