Real Patient Stories

Mark and Connie

Mark and Connie both work full time while raising a family so making themselves a priority can be a challenge many of us can relate to. They made the commitment to themselves and to their family to improve their health and longevity. Collectively they...


She has lost 65 pounds amidst completing her senior year of high school, while working at a funnel cake booth at a local amusement park. She has transitioned to college, dorm life (and food) and all that comes with that challenging environment! Way to manage...


Not only has Sue lost 30 lbs, she has gotten off her insulin and high blood pressure medicine! She is now controlling her Diabetes through nutrition. She looks younger and feels younger too! #icanandiwill


  • 2/21/2017-255.2lbs, 4/26/18-225.4lbs
  • Off insulin


Through Diane’s 3-year journey with Pounds, she has changed much more than just her weight. Today,  she’s lost almost 150 pounds, gained self-confidence, nutrition know-how, and an entirely new relationship with food. Even through the painful experience of her husband’s cancer diagnosis and ultimately...


"I found Pounds 2 1/2 years ago and, although I have a little way to go before I reach my original goal to 'be half the woman I used to be', I am so incredibly happy with how far I have come and how...