Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is a real phenomenon. If you think you think you are addicted to sugar you probably are right! And if you are addicted to sugar and think you are eating too much you are placing yourself at risk of gaining weight uncontrollably, developing diabetes, having a heart attack, and the list goes on. Too much sugar is toxic to your health.

Can sugar addiction be proven? YES!! If you were to compare brain scans after eating the inside of an oreo to the scan of a person after having cocaine the brain response to “feeling good” is incredibly similar. Sugar is addicting. It comes in many forms and the only way to understand the various forms is to be open to education. For example, raw sugar is no different in your body as cane sugar, honey, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup…..Be curious about what you eat. Become consciously aware of what goes in your mouth!

Did you know that the you will function normally with only 1 teaspoon of sugar in your bloodstream? Any more than that and your body will try to store it as fat. As your body begins to run low on sugar in the blood it would be great if your body could access the stored sugar for energy and “burn fat”. However, if you are like most people, your body may not be able to burn fat effectively for energy and so you have a craving to eat something with more sugar. This physiologic process will worsen your addiction and continue to increase your risks for the various disease states mentioned earlier.

At Pounds, we can help change your body’s ability to burn fat and will help you overcome your sugar addiction. We can help you feel more in control of your food selections and the “brain fog” you may be suffering from will be lifted.

Yes, sugar addiction is real and learning how to control this addiction will help you reclaim your health.