Weight Maintenance

“I let life get in the way of my health and now I’m finding my health is getting in the way of my life.” – Direct quote from one of our patients. She said this after re-gaining the weight she had lost. The rollercoaster of obesity we need to stop.

Through consistent appointments covered by insurance this patient lost ten percent of her body weight in 4 months. (Over 20 pounds!) Not taking medications and NOT by using a “product-based program”. She had learned to control and balance her macronutrients and was reclaiming her health.

Then she stopped coming to her appointments as her life became too hectic. We have all been there!!! What this patient and others need to embrace is this – obesity is a disease and it has been officially defined as such by the American Medical Association.  Just like any chronic disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and others, you need to consistently see a physician to manage these chronic disease states; obesity is NO different.

Follow-up is one of the keys to successful maintenance. The follow-up is not to receive a physical medicine, but to receive insight as to whether you remain “balanced” which is the key to your maintenance.

Balance is a moving target and in our fast-paced lives, having professional help keeps you on course.  Are you prepping your foods?  Have some of your old habits returned? Are you feeling hungry too often? Are you taking care of yourself?  Do you remain CONSCIOUSLY aware of your choices?  Is your weight behaving or is it increasing despite your efforts?  Perhaps a new diagnosis needs to be addressed.  These are just some of the many issues that must be addressed for there to be success in maintaining the weight you have lost.

We know that many of our patients have put themselves low on their priority list.  Our patients routinely place taking care of their family, friends, and work well before they take time to take care of themselves.  This is a classic “imbalance” which leads to poor choices when it comes to nutritional health.

People run out of time when they take care of everything else except themselves.  They are busy putting themselves out there for their family and making sure everyone around them is happy and smiling, but they neglect themselves.

Striking a balance between your own healthcare and nutritional needs is paramount in reclaiming what is important to everyone who cares about you.  Finding and maintaining the balance requires personal attention but it is worth it since it will prevent the “rollercoaster” of obesity.

The Pounds Transformation team are board certified and licensed experts and have treated thousands of patients. We treat each patient individually by understanding their existing state of health, creating a customized nutritional plan, assessing co-morbidities to ensure safe weight loss, and guiding and supporting throughout the entire process. This is not a diet or quick-weight-loss program. It is a healthy lifestyle where you “eat your way to wellness”. Look on our Home or Food Stuff pages for some examples of foods that you will enjoy.