What We Do


We care about you. Our medical providers and registered dietitians work as a team to create individualized plans for all patients. The staff at Pounds Transformation provides private coaching and compassionate support on every step of your journey to better health. There is no “one-size-fits all” program at Pounds. Every patient is different; your program is focused on your specific needs. Beyond nutrition, medical history and lab results, we also consider your lifestyle, goals and personal preferences. We are committed partners on your journey to better health.

As part of your care, you will meet with both medical providers and registered dietitians. Throughout the many stages of weight loss and maintenance, we will adjust your nutrition plan as your body and needs change. Losing weight and maintaining weight loss are a long-term commitment. As part of your health care team, working with your physicians, we are here to help manage your long-term health focusing on the power of nutrition. We know that if we can better manage weight, we can work to prevent 243 DISEASES! We are here to support you in your ongoing commitment to good health.

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You may have tried following numerous standard diets in the past –  calorie counting, eating less while exercising more, all with modest or fleeting success. Pounds Transformation is not a diet but rather a lifestyle, in which every step brings you closer to a new, healthier you. Beyond weight loss, benefits of healthy eating include more energy, improved digestion, reduced joint pain, improvement in mood, and many more. We believe that nourishing our bodies with wholesome foods and nutrients has the power to transform your body, mind, and health.

Whether you are always on the go, or cooking meals for the family, we are here to provide guidance to help you create realistic meal plans that you enjoy. You will learn techniques that make meal planning, shopping and preparation simple. We also offer high quality, hand-picked products to meet the needs of those on the go.

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Obesity is a Disease

We combine research, biometrics and medical expertise to create safe and effective weight loss and management programs. We specialize in diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of your weight issues. Our medical treatments include reducing or eliminating weight-related conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, joint problems, digestive issues, cardiovascular disease, and so much more!

We take science and practically apply it on a day to day basis. Our practice stays ahead of the curve through our personalized innovative approach. We consider your environmental factors, genetics, hormonal balance, metabolic functions, and so much more to help you lose and maintain your weight loss.

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