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Reduce Pain & Fight Inflammation With Food

Reduce your pain with food, nutritional supplements and lower weight....

If you have joint pain such as arthritis or suffer from an autoimmune disease, choosing the right foods can positively impact your health.  As a result of making healthy food and lifestyle choices, many of our patients lose weight and see a reduction in their joint pain or generalized inflammation secondary to autoimmune diseases.

Chronic inflammation, pain and autoimmune disease can cause changes in how we crave, metabolize and digest foods.  We can improve many symptoms using food as medicine.  The trick is knowing what foods are beneficial and which are potentially harmful.

For example, we know that pain may disrupt a hormone called leptin, which is responsible for sending a signal to tell us when we are hungry or full. Without the proper signaling, our appetites increase, as do our cravings for carbohydrates. Cravings for “comfort foods” are often hormonally driven and can be effectively treated.

At Pounds Transformation, we understand that food can be as important, and in some cases more important, than the medications many people are taking to control their pain. We can help.

We welcome the opportunity to help you lose weight and reach your greatest health potential.

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Sustainable Weight Loss That Works

Put an end to yo-yo dieting and live well....

Weight gain is not caused by a lack of willpower, eating too much and exercising too little. In fact, many patients come to us eating very little and exercising plenty.

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Reverse Heart Disease & Diabetes

Reduce the effect of hormones through nutrition....

Many of our patients come to us after an initial diagnosis of elevated cholesterol, and some have cholesterol numbers that are high enough to be treated with medication.

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Female Hormonal Changes & Weight Gain

Reduce the effect of hormones through nutrition....

If you're a woman who has struggled to lose weight in the past, have perhaps tried popular diets, have eaten less and exercised more, all without losing weight, Pounds Transformation can help.

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