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5 Actions to Take (Besides Handwashing and Social Distancing) to Protect Yourself from COVID-19

Before you dive in, know we aren’t here to tell you the magic solution to prevent the

Coronavirus. Instead, these actions can help you maximize your health and immune system

to lower your risk of complications if you get sick.

  1. Stop eating sugar 

Eating sugar leads to erratic blood glucose which leads to a whole host of

problems, including a weakened immune system. Study after study has

shown that a reduction in carbohydrate intake improves overall health,

including blood sugar balance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and

heart disease. Grocery stores are hard to navigate right now with bare

shelves and shortages, so eating perfectly is a challenge. However, this

doesn’t mean it’s the time to eat cupcakes for breakfast and pasta every

night. Ditch the super simple, starchy foods and your body will thank you for


  1. Put down your phone and get in bed!

Sheltering in place may mean your schedule is a bit off. Scrolling on your

phone or binging the newest Netflix show could be keeping you from getting

the valuable sleep you need. Adults need at least seven hours of sleep a

night to repair and maintain their memories, bodies, and immune systems.

But don’t just aim for a mere seven! With not much else to do at home,

sleeping for eight to nine hours will ensure your body is working efficiently.

Turning your phone and TV off at least one hour before bedtime will decrease

the blue light that disrupts sleep patterns and help you sleep more soundly.

  1. Get outside (and take your Vitamin D)

Just about everyone is deficient in Vitamin D. Which means just about

everyone should be supplementing. Vitamin D works as both a hormone and

vitamin, making it vital for a number of functions, including immunity. By

maintaining adequate levels, you’ll give yourself the best shot at staying

healthy. Can you get Vitamin D from the sun? Of course. What about from

food? Another yes, but it is close to impossible to get enough from food alone

which is another reason why time outdoors and taking a supplement is key.

Getting outside will give you the double whammy of boosting Vitamin D and

giving you the feel-good endorphins that the sun and fresh air provide. So

lace up your sneakers and get out there!

  1. Eat more vegetables

No matter what kind of health outcome you’re trying to achieve, eating your

veggies will almost always get you closer to your goal. Supporting your

immune system is no different. Filling at least half (maybe more) of your plate

with vegetables will help you balance your blood sugar, keep you feeling full

and give you the vitamins and minerals you need to ensure your body is

functioning at its peak. Check out our recipe section here

for ideas on how to make your greens takes good!

  1. Stress less

Stress is just about impossible to avoid right now. There’s a lot going on in the

world, but making sure you’re taking time to slow down and focus on

managing anxiety, nerves, and worry is imperative to protecting your immune

system. When we are stressed, our body produces a hormone called cortisol.

Cortisol makes weight loss hard and weight gain easy. Engaging in activities

like meditating, walking, and reading can help decrease cortisol levels and

increase how well your immune system functions.

While the best thing to do to prevent yourself from getting sick is staying home, wearing a

mask, and washing your hands often, these five actions will help you maintain a healthy

immune system. Every little bit counts and if you’re able to keep your body ready to fight,,

your body will come out swinging!

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help you maximize your efforts to improve your health.


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