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50 Ways to Decompress and Destress

Stress happens. How you handle it is what matters. Decreasing your body’s response to stress will improve your success on the scale and keep your immune function high. Check out our list of 50 ways to decompress that will lower your stress hormones and leave you feeling refreshed!

  1. Record your worries and anxieties in a journal
  2. Pick up a book and read for a few minutes
  3. Take a walk in nature
  4. Focus on your breathing for five minutes
  5. Take a (short) nap
  6. Schedule time to see a friend
  7. Listen to classical music (bonus if you do it while focusing on your breath)
  8. Watch a funny video clip and laugh
  9. Get a massage
  10. Sing in the car
  11. Sing in the shower!
  12. Download and use a meditation app (we like Calm)
  13. Call your mom (or dad or sister or brother or grandma)
  14. Think about (maybe even write down) what you’re thankful for
  15. Take a break from your smartphone
  16. Go for a bike ride
  17. Smile! Even faking a smile can improve your mood and stress level 
  18. Listen to nature sounds
  19. Dance to your favorite music
  20. Have a warm bath (bonus if you light a candle too)
  21. Brew a cup of coffee or tea and take time to feel the warm mug, smell the aroma, and enjoy the taste
  22. Declutter a desk or a drawer (outer order, inner calm!)
  23. Let out a swear or two (no, not kidding)
  24. Just do nothing for a few minutes
  25. Color a picture
  26. Pet your dog or cat
  27. Spend time with someone you’re in love with
  28. Look out a window at something interesting or beautiful 
  29. Count to 10 and then back down again
  30. Get out into the sunshine
  31. Eat lunch away from your desk 
  32. Ask for help if you need it
  33. Stretch your body 
  34. Do some yoga poses 
  35. Write down negative or stressful thoughts and they physically throw them away
  36. Go for a run
  37. Make your bed
  38. Look at the clouds or the stars
  39. Play your favorite songs
  40. Eat a protein snack
  41. Do a crossword or sudoku
  42. Look of photos of a fond memory
  43. Give someone a hug
  44. Go to bed early
  45. Light a candle
  46. Open a window to feel the breeze
  47. Take a long shower
  48. Drink a glass of cold water and notice how it makes you feel
  49. Put a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillowcase
  50. Write a to-do list to organize your thoughts

What works best for you? Do you take time to unwind or do you need to start a routine now?


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