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How RDs Practice Self Care

by Charles Cavo, D.O.




I practice self-care by engaging in some sort of activity that clears my mind daily. It could be a walk, bike ride, yoga, stretching, or meditation. Having a variety of options allows it to be something I can do every day, whether I have 5 minutes or an hour. I can customize it to what I have energy for or feel will be most helpful at that moment. Some days breaking a sweat with cardio works and other days relaxing, restorative yoga is on the agenda. I always feel more focused and relaxed afterward! 


Taking time from the fast pace of life to do yoga is one of the most centering things I have found for my mind. It quiets everything down and allows me to connect with my full self, instead of just with all the thoughts running through my mind! A daily yoga practice is great, but even doing it a couple times per week makes a significant difference for me. If we can figure out how to consistently take care of our own well-being, our quality of life will skyrocket! Try making a list of what you need to fill your cup!   


-Weekly face masks.  

-I recently started doing my nails on a more regular basis.   

-At least monthly I use a moisturizing shower scrub with a great scent before going to bed.  

-Every couple of months will take time to take a tub bath with my favorite bath bombs from Lush.  

-I have scented candles in almost every room of my house. They are lit almost daily.  


One of my most consistent forms of self-care is moving my body in some way every day.  Sometimes I have time in the morning for HIIT training or strength work, some days it’s a walk at lunch or after work and other days it’s some yoga or stretching on my bedroom floor.  Exercise is something that makes me feel alive and is the ultimate form of self-care for me.  The other way I practice self-care is by connecting with friends.  Having meaningful relationships with people that can share the ups and downs of life with me makes me feel cared for and supported.  A good belly laugh with friends can also boost my mood all day long. 


I am sure it comes as no surprise but like my fellow RDs I use movement to help myself stay grounded and truly give myself self-care.  I love the endorphins I get from a good sweat session in the gym, a bike ride, walking outside in nature with my dogs, or doing a home yoga video.  Movement helps my brain feel better and I think I am more pleasant to be around (my SO will agree).  I also love being outdoors in the sunshine, it fills my bucket! I have recently started doing short guided meditations in the evenings; it is amazing how deep breathing can impact my body.  I treat myself to a monthly deep tissue massage because recovery is also very important to my self care process.   


Taking care of the self…myself. Remembering when I am feeling well and what I did that supported that feeling. Going to bed early, drinking water, moving my body most days and eating clean. If I am feeling especially “overdone,” a guided meditation or two will help me to switch my mindset. 


The biggest part of my self-care is a daily morning routine that I try to be intentional and consistent with every day.  I enjoy waking up early and have some quiet time in prayer and then I head outside for a run or do some type of strength and resistance training exercises.  I find that when start my day caring for both my physical and spiritual health, I feel much more grounded and positive to handle whatever the day throws at me.



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