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Let's Stay Healthy This Holiday Season!

by Pounds Staff



  • Enjoy the holiday meals at those specific events, and keep focused on intentional eating at your other meals.
  • Stick with your planning for meals and snacks for the week to avoid excessive “on-the-go” eating during this busy season
  • Keep those temptations that find their way into your house out of easy reach or sight by placing them into a cabinet or above the refrigerator for example. When you go to have some, take one portion and put the rest back in its storage place.


  • Stay well hydrated to help that immune system function optimally!
  • Good hydration can help you better decipher when you are truly hungry.
  • Try these warm herbal teas, if you are not in the mood for cold water:
  • Harney & Sons: Chocolate mint  
  • Tazo: Glazed lemon loaf, Baked cinnamon apple, wild sweet orange, pumpkin spice chai
  • Celestial Seasonings: Apple Cinnamon, Sleigh Ride Sugar Cookie, etc.


  • Daily movement is key! It does not have to be “exercise.” In fact, there is great benefit to those small, daily movements to your overall health, including bones and joints!
  • Keep it fun and stress reducing!
  • Take a winter walk or hike with a family member, friend, or neighbor!
  • Online classes, such as yoga, which offers many levels and lengths of classes.
  • Ice skating at a local rink (currently free at the outdoor rink at Bushnell Park!)


  • Stress can lead to mindless and more spontaneous eating instead of planned meals and snacks.
  • Identify triggers of holiday stress such as finances, travel, and celebrating the holiday with or without family members.  
  • Once triggers have been identified, strategize how you can better manage them this year.


  • Holidays are fun, but can be exhausting!
  • Aim to maintain a regular sleep pattern as sleep deprivation can result in feeling hungrier as well as less satisfied after meals.  
  • Aim to maintain your normal sleep pattern 


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