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by Alisha Sanzone, RDN


Typically, by this time in the year people have lost momentum on the resolutions set on January 1st to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. The new year brings excitement for change…and then life happens!  

Time to check in with yourself!

  • Have you fallen back into old habits you promised yourself you would break this year? 
  • Do you feel like no matter what you do, the weight won’t come off so what’s the point? 
  • Do you struggle with finding the time to take care of yourself and everything on your to-do list?

It is very easy to fall back into old habits when success is not achieved instantly!  Let’s look at strategies to stay motivated to make change that will lead to the accomplishment of your goals! 

Choose Realistic Goals

  • If a goal is too daunting, it can feel like no matter how much effort you put forth you will not reach that goal.  
  • If you have a goal to lose fifty pounds or to run a marathon, but you have not made any changes to your diet or started running, those goals may be hard to accomplish.  
  • Break your goal up into smaller, more attainable goals. This will make it easier to continue.
  • Use non-scale goals to help you visualize your progress. Things like fitting into new clothes, avoiding temptations, or having increased energy can all empower you to continue. 

Stay Accountable

  • Write down what you eat. There are many ways to track, ranging from a paper journal, an app on your phone, or taking pictures of your meals. Remember if you bite it, write it.  
  • Show your journal to your dietitian or other accountable people in your life. Knowing somebody is going to look at your journal can be a valuable tool and a great way to reflect on your choices.  

Develop a Support System

  • Ask friends, family, or coworkers to check in with you from time to time. 
  • Go on walks together and discuss how things are going! 
  • Ask for support with what foods are hanging around the house.  
  • Utilize online support systems for motivation and ideas from others that are working towards a similar goal.  

Revisit Your “Why”

  • Remind yourself why you set that goal at the beginning of the year.  
  • When you are faced with difficult situations, ask yourself: “Will this get me closer to my goal?”

Focus on What You Have Control Over

  • If you are losing motivation when you are not seeing the results you anticipate, remember the scale is NOT something that you have control over. 
  • Instead, refocus on things that you do have control over, such as: making the right food choices, moving your body, and keeping a positive attitude as these will lead to success on the scale. 

Identify Your Barriers

  • Ask yourself what is preventing you from making changes that will help you reach your goal? 
  • Then ask yourself, what are you able to change right now? 
  • Part of success is anticipating challenges and having a plan in place on how to handle them.
  • Recognize challenges are temporary and will pass! 


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