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Why Having A Coach Is Essential To Success

Olympic athletes are at the top of their game. How do they get to be best? Guess what, they have coaches to help them! In fact, they probably have more than one because in order to be successful, even those who have proven themselves to be elite need a little help. 

I hope you would agree that having a coach for weight loss makes sense, no matter how much experience you have trying to lose weight in the past. Motivation can start to fizzle when you are attempting to lose weight by yourself and the excitement of doing something new wears off. Where does that leave you when you start losing steam? Not much closer to your goal, that’s for sure. This is where the importance of a coach comes in! 

Making lifestyle changes with the help of a Pounds RD or medical provider (or any coach!) means you have someone to encourage, motivate and help you through any challenges. Here are the top 5 benefits of having Pounds coach you through the process: 

  1. We’re trained for this!

Everyone at Pounds specializes in weight loss and everything that goes along with it, including individual metabolic disorders and specific nutrient needs. We personalize our recommendations based on your needs using our education and experience. It’s not every day you can get advice from a doctor certified in bariatric medicine or a board certified obesity and weight management dietitian!

  1. We’re here to remind you of your WHY

You start on a weight loss journey for a reason. It is easy to lose track of that reason in the face of adversity. Tempted by pizza on a Friday night? Forgetting your goal of reducing your blood sugar or fitting into a different pair of jeans is easy to do when presented with a fresh pie! As your coach, we’re here to remind you that you’re putting in all this hard work for a reason! 

  1. Accountability is everything

If no one is watching, throwing in the towel is easy. A Pounds coach serves as a source of accountability that can catch you before you fall off the wagon. Reporting back to us about how your day or week went gives you an opportunity to show off how well you’re doing or to ask for help overcoming challenges. Either way, we’re here to keep you chugging along towards your goals. 

  1. Real life advice 

Everyone at Pounds “walks the walk.” We eat the way we recommend to our patients, check out our blog post about how our RDs eat to see the proof! We know what’s sold in the supermarket or online that you might want to try. We know tasty recipes and easy take out options. We know what it’s like to have your health in mind when you make food choices and want to help you do the same. 

  1. Did we mention accountability?

It’s so important, it bears repeating deserving 2 spots on our list: Accountability. You know what to do, but are you doing it? Your dietitian or medical provider will make sure you are! Accountability means consistency for you, which leads to overall success. And above all else, that’s what we all want, right? To be successful! 

If weight loss was easy, Pounds wouldn’t exist and no one would ever struggle with their weight. So don’t try to go this alone. Let us help you stay focused, motivated, and reach your goals! You can schedule an appointment by filling out our contact form found here.


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