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Tips for Restaurant Eating

1. Review the menu online in advance 

If you know in advance where you are going for your meal, go online and check out their menu.  This will allow you to be able to make a better meal choice without the distractions of excessive hunger, tempting aromas, and seeing the plates of foods pass by on their way to other tables. This will also help reduce the time it takes to order, as you will already know what you want.   

2. Replace the starchy sides with a vegetable side 

Nowadays, many restaurants give you the option of choosing your sides, but they do not always let you know.  So, if the menu does not specifically state that the meal includes sides of your choice, just ask!  There is often at least 1 vegetable side option available to choose from, in addition to the vegetable that may already come with the meal.   

3. Ask if they offer half portions of meals 

You may be surprised that your favorite restaurant may have this option.  They may also have special entrees already on their menu that are already created as a smaller portion. If they do not have this option, then you can always proceed to the suggestion below. 

4. Request the to-go container at the start of the meal  

When you place your order for food, ask the server to also bring out a to-go container so that you can portion out the meal before even eating it. Out of sight, out of mind.  

5. Eat off the appetizer list 

This can be a very easy way to still enjoy the specials of the restaurant in more bite-size portions. It allows you to control your intake, while still feeling satisfied.   

6. Have your dessert as an appetizer and split it

Yes, you read correctly! Have your dessert as your appetizer and split it among those you are dining with. Why does this help? Well, have you ever gone out for dinner and felt stuffed at the end of the meal just for the server to come over and show you the dessert tray or menu? And although you are stuffed, they look delicious and it is a special day out, right?  So, you eat it and feel even more stuffed and on top of that, guilty.  Dessert should not be a reward for overeating. Instead, this tip allows you to enjoy dessert in moderation as well as your meal in moderation. Be sure to follow tip 4 and box up half your meal before start eating, so you are less tempted to eat beyond comfort 




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