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Success Stories

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"One of the things that makes transformation difficult is that change is not easy for anybody. But you can't expect change unless something changes."


"The way the doctors painted nutrition when I was young and overweight is completely different than the way Dr. Cavo and the nutritionists paint it now."

Connie and Mark

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"I'm a new me now. I'm not ashamed to go into a grocery store or to be around crowds. I'm the girl that walks into a room and says hello to everybody."

Read Their Story

Connie and Mark

Mark and Connie both work full time while raising a family so making themselves a priority can be a challenge many of us can relate to. They made the commitment to themselves and to their family to improve their health and longevity. Collectively they have lost almost 100 pounds over the past year and now have more energy to keep up with their kids! They use the support of each other and the Pounds community as they continue to lose weight. Go Team!

Connie 6/2/2017: 234.2lbs with an A1c of 6.3 (prediabetes), insulin of 26 (high), and Vitamin D of 25 (low).

Connie 5/9/2018: 180.3lbs with an A1c of 5.3 (normal), insulin of 6 (normal), and Vitamin D of 48 (normal).

Mark 9/25/2017: 218.8lbs with an HDL of 44 (low), insulin of 13.7 (high), triglycerides of 126 (high), and an LDL of 116 (high).

Mark 5/14/2018: 183.4lbs with an HDL of 73 (improved), insulin of 3 (normal), triglycerides of 64 (normal), and LDL of 83 (normal).


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