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Success Stories

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"One of the things that makes transformation difficult is that change is not easy for anybody. But you can't expect change unless something changes."


"The way the doctors painted nutrition when I was young and overweight is completely different than the way Dr. Cavo and the nutritionists paint it now."

Connie and Mark

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"I'm a new me now. I'm not ashamed to go into a grocery store or to be around crowds. I'm the girl that walks into a room and says hello to everybody."

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She has lost 65 pounds amidst completing her senior year of high school, while working at a funnel cake booth at a local amusement park. She has transitioned to college, dorm life (and food) and all that comes with that challenging environment!

Way to manage huge life changes at a transitional time in life. Taylor has obviously made this her lifestyle!

7/11/2016: 216.5lbs, cholesterol of 210 (high), triglycerides of 189 (high), LDL of 130 (high), and insulin of 24.9 (high)

4/23/2018: 150.9lbs, cholesterol of 186 (normal), triglycerides of 138 (normal), LDL of 117 (normal), and insulin of 14.4 (improved).


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