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Mastering Your Daily Routine

While motivation is what gets you going, it’s not enough to keep you on track. Having a plan, being consistent and having daily healthy habits is what gets results! Life...

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Pounds Staff Blog

Tips for Restaurant Eating - Pounds Transformation

Tips for Restaurant Eating

If you know in advance where you are going for your meal, go online and check out their menu.  This will allow you to be able to make a better...

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Insulin Resistance - Pounds Transformation

Insulin Resistance

Trying to lose weight and convinced that something is just not right?  You have spoken to healthcare providers about your concerns and they have tested your thyroid with results that...

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Dieting vs Lifestyle Change - Pounds Transformation

Dieting vs Lifestyle Change

People often wonder what the best way to manage their weight is. Should they go on a diet?  Will it work?  How can they keep the weight off in the...

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Are You Motivated? - Pounds Transformation

Are You Motivated?

What drives you to want to stay healthy, manage your weight, and eat well? Many people struggle to answer this question, but it’s an important question to answer for yourself. 

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Let's Eat Local! - Pounds Transformation

Let's Eat Local!

This is a great time of the year to enjoy foods grown and produced locally! Farmer’s markets and farm stands are in full swing until October and some even until...

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Be a Smart Consumer - Pounds Transformation

Be a Smart Consumer

Be a smart consumer! Investigating nutrition labels and package claims Do you ever find yourself attracted by those flashy advertisements on labels? “Low fat!” “Excellent source of fiber!” “Natural!”, “Gluten-free!”...

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Should I Be Eating Meat? - Pounds Transformation

Should I Be Eating Meat?

Meat has gotten a bad rap in the last few years. Everywhere you go, the “Beyond Burger” and plant-based entrees are advertised and touted as the ultimate healthy meal. But...

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What's the deal with Probiotics? - Pounds Transformation

What's the deal with Probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that naturally live in our intestines. There are hundreds of different species of bacteria that call our digestive track “home” and when they are in the...

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