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Mastering Your Daily Routine

While motivation is what gets you going, it’s not enough to keep you on track. Having a plan, being consistent and having daily healthy habits is what gets results! Life...

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Pounds Staff Blog

What Diet is Right for You - Pounds Transformation

What Diet is Right for You

You’ve googled it. You’ve asked your friends. You’ve even questioned your neighbor about just exactly how they lost the weight. But what diet is actually the best for you, your...

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50 Ways to Decompress and Destress - Pounds Transformation

50 Ways to Decompress and Destress

Stress happens. How you handle it is what matters. Decreasing your body’s response to stress will improve your success on the scale and keep your immune function high. Check out...

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All or none dieters

The black and white and all or none dieting is not the way to find long term success with weight loss. In fact, these are the issues that probably get...

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Weight loss is not easy

Weight loss is not easy. There are many factors that play a role in whether you will find success in your weight loss journey. Time to stop the blame and shame...

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